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Cariera Leasa (en)

LEASA STONE CAREER from Halmagiu commune Dn76 Hunedoara county offers at advantageous prices:

- andesite quarry aggregates for roads and railways.
- road aprons - rough stone, crushed stone 0-4; 4-8; 8-16; 16-25; 0-25; 25-31.5; 0-63; 25-63; 63-200mm.

We mention that all the aprons are from class A with all the approvals.

Vests for railways are AFER certified classes - 31.5 / 50; 25/63; 31.5 / 63mm. The products are delivered with approved quality certificates.

Easy access to Arad, Deva, Oradea, heavy car access road. Within the quarry there is a line for railway transport.